With a national brand that is over thirty years old, Tivity Health has always been in the business of building long-lasting and strategic partnerships to ensure that SilverSneakers is around for another thirty years.

Tivity Health-Taking Partnership to the Next Level to Deliver SilverSneakers

We have earned the trust of some of the top health plans in the country as well as their members, and we don’t take that for granted. At Tivity Health, the key to successful partnerships begins with deep and sophisticated collaboration to differentiate and solve business problems.

To successfully partner with health plans to deliver SilverSneakers to more than 18 million eligible members nationwide, it takes a village. Our comprehensive partnership team includes operations and implementation; marketing; consumer insights; business analytics; and more. In addition, our experienced account managers and field-based teams work together to drive engagement and support retention.

Research & Insights – Data Driven Mindset

Data and outcomes are significant components of our program, and we continually evaluate these resources to ensure that we’re providing the most helpful metrics to our partners. Whether it’s through our bi-weekly Senior Healthy Living Survey or quarterly SilverSneakers Pulse Survey, we’re able to gather insightful information from a variety of older adults, ultimately impacting our program design and focus.

A Trusted Voice on The Hill

Additionally, SilverSneakers is a trusted voice on The Hill, and we advocate for the protection of Medicare Advantage and high-quality, equitable care for seniors at every level, including the administration, CMS and the Hill. Over the years, we have taken a clear leadership role in many efforts promoting physical activity, health equity, and a focus on Social Determinants of Health, including:

  • Healthy Aging Coalition: Powerful group of allies and stakeholders in government, research, community associations and payers convened by Tivity Health.
  • Physical Activity Alliance: Nation’s largest community of advocates dedicated to driving policy changes to enable all Americans to enjoy physically active lives
  • Better Medicare Alliance: A policy and industry organization of more than 200 allies representing the healthcare spectrum advocating for a strong Medicare Advantage.

We understand that successful partnerships are a cornerstone of our business, and we work hard to build long-term, collaborative relationships to ensure that we are successful.  With collaboration, client support and proprietary insights, we not only seek to understand older adults today, but also to anticipate their wants and needs for the future.

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