Digital health and wellbeing programs for every single body.


Digital health and wellbeing for every single body.

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Support For Your Whole Population
Burnalong offers employers, health plans, health systems and employee benefits consultants an end-to-end wellness solution focused on helping people achieve their human potential. Through a scalable digital platform, social support and motivation, proprietary data and analytics, and AI, Burnalong delivers the experience, support, events, and data to reach entire populations.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Today’s Workforce
Burnalong supports diverse populations with a wide range of health and wellbeing categories and thousands of classes and formats. People can take classes alone or live with others where they can see and hear each other, and join communities, for added social motivation. The platform includes access to more than 30,000 live and on-demand classes, taught by 5,000+ instructors, across 60+ categories. reflecting the diversity, and diversity of needs, of the population.

Specialized Programming for Common Chronic Conditions
Burnalong offers research-based curriculum and curated programs to help individuals manage many of the most common chronic conditions. Specialty areas of programming include arthritis, hypertension, MS, stroke, adaptive workouts, chronic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, and diabetes. In addition, Burnalong offers diverse content to support individual health journeys spanning physical, emotional, and financial wellness, pre- and post-natal care, caregiver support, parenting, and disabilities programming.

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Burnalong recently launched Burnalong+, a hybrid fitness and wellness platform to enable employers to support their entire population with diverse, inclusive, community-based programs.