Senior Healthy Living Survey

by SilverSneakers

Executive Summary

The Senior Healthy Living Survey by SilverSneakers is conducted by global  intelligence company Morning Consult. The survey is fielded twice monthly among a national sample of adults 65 and older who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

The mission of the Senior Healthy Living Survey is to serve as a primary voice of seniors nationwide in the areas representing all aspects of our mission. Harnessing this voice with rigor, and a focus on future-state, to anticipate the needs of seniors tomorrow while driving the thought leadership and product development of today.

Each survey includes a fixed set of questions on healthy behaviors along with a dynamic set of questions that cover timely topics imperative to our myriad stakeholders

Key Findings

  • Over the past 4 waves of research, upwards of 90% of Seniors have said they plan to return to the gym within the next 3 months, and their plans to continue using virtual or digital fitness offerings once gyms reopen have been generally decreasing.
  • Levels of food insecurity among Seniors softened slightly over the last two weeks and remain fairly low, with at most 12% citing concerns tied to money.
  • In the last month, 7-in-10 Seniors said that they felt comfortable being indoors with friends and family without wearing a mask.
    • Additionally, 85% of Seniors report that they agree with the CDC’s guidelines on masks, and 79% agree masks are effective against COVID-19.
  • Of the 95% of Seniors that report living independently, most plan to stay in their current home for the next few years.
    •  Additionally, the likelihood to move into a senior living facility is similarly low today as it was in the past among Seniors living independently