Senior Healthy Living Survey

by SilverSneakers

Executive Summary

The Senior Healthy Living Survey by SilverSneakers is conducted by global  intelligence company Morning Consult. The survey is fielded twice monthly among a national sample of adults 65 and older who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

The mission of the Senior Healthy Living Survey is to serve as a primary voice of seniors nationwide in the areas representing all aspects of our mission. Harnessing this voice with rigor, and a focus on future-state, to anticipate the needs of seniors tomorrow while driving the thought leadership and product development of today.

Each survey includes a fixed set of questions on healthy behaviors along with a dynamic set of questions that cover timely topics imperative to our myriad stakeholders

Key Findings

  • COVID cases are rising, and 6-in-10 Seniors who experienced worry, stress, and anxiety in the past two weeks are concerned about their health. Despite this, the largest portion of Seniors yet are now comfortable socializing in public (79%). Additionally, 7-in-10 hardly felt any isolation from others in the past week.
  • Inflation is up, and half of all Seniors experiencing worry, stress, and anxiety cite financial concerns, and 49% are worried about national economic stability. Last month, food insecurity jumped: 19% of Seniors thought their food would run out before they had money to get more.
  • Across all waves and throughout Covid, few Seniors report changes to their diets. Those who improved their eating habits are eating healthier foods (56%) and home cooked meals (57%), while those worse-off still can’t stop snacking (54%).
  • To stay active, a third of all Seniors exercise at home on their own. Currently, only 1-in-10 go to the gym. Overall, 2-in-3 Senior’s plan to exercise in the next three months, mostly in order to build up their stamina. Roughly half of all gym goers plan to return immediately, and 44% have already returned to the gym.
  • Urban Seniors are the most likely to walk outside for exercise (60%) and the least likely community to return to the gym (68%). This could suggest that compared to other communities, urbanites prefer going on walks to exercise rather than going to the gym.
  • Only 12% of Seniors report at least some familiarity with the game of pickleball. Of those, 9% played in the last twelve months. Roughly 4-in-10 of those familiar with the game but who have not played lately are at least somewhat interested in getting into it.