Senior Healthy Living Survey

by SilverSneakers

Executive Summary

The Senior Healthy Living Survey by SilverSneakers is conducted by global  intelligence company Morning Consult. The survey is fielded monthly among a national sample of adults 65 and older who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

The mission of the Senior Healthy Living Survey is to serve as a primary voice of seniors nationwide in the areas representing all aspects of our mission. Harnessing this voice with rigor, and a focus on future-state, to anticipate the needs of seniors tomorrow while driving the thought leadership and product development of today.

Each survey includes a fixed set of questions on healthy behaviors along with a dynamic set of questions that cover timely topics imperative to our myriad stakeholders

Key Findings

  • Participation in physical activities is relative stable this month. In May, 80% of Seniors reported participating in physical activity (-2pts vs. Apr). Most Seniors participating in physical activity continue to prefer to do so at home (71%) (+/-0pt vs. Apr), compared to in the community (28%) (+2pts vs. Apr) or at a gym (14%) (-4pts vs. Apr). Participation in digital fitness declined to 6% (-6pts vs. Apr).
  • Lack of motivation (37%) (+4pts vs. Apr) sees an increase from the previous month and remains the top reason why Seniors are not participating in physical activity. Recovering from illness or surgery (19%) (+8pts vs. Apr) also sees an increase this month.
  • Better weather (29%) (+4pt vs. Apr) continues to be the top motivator for Seniors’ whose level of physical activity is the same or worse compared to 3 months ago. Finding someone else such as a friend or family member to workout with (17%) (-7pts vs. Apr) and having enough self[1]motivation (15%) (-6pts vs. Apr) see decreases this month as reasons that would motivate Seniors to spend more time exercising or doing physical activity each day.
  • About a quarter (26%) of Seniors feel lonely in May (+5pts vs. Apr). This month, 38% of Seniors feel they lack companionship (+3pts vs. Apr), 34% feel left out (+2pt vs. Apr), and 32% (-2pts vs. Apr) feel isolated from others.