Tivity Cares

Tivity Cares is the heart of Tivity Health®. We are committed to operating our organization in an honorable and ethical manner while advancing vitality and better health for all. From volunteering in our communities to empowering colleagues to live healthier lives, all while partnering with national and global non-profit organizations, we believe we can make a lasting impact in our community, workplace and environment.

Bright Funds
65% Participation

Our Community Partners

FSL - Foundation for Senior Living
Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers

Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) was established in 1974 as a private non-profit and founded to improve the quality of life for adults and their caregivers. This organization provides affordable housing, social services and community-based, customized healthcare utilizing a sustainable caregiving model.

Learn more: FSL.org

FiftyForward supports, champions and enhances life for those 50 and older through home care, adult day services and meals on wheels.Their committed and compassionate staff, team of volunteers and partners (like us!) work together to positively impact older adults, their families and the community.

Learn more: FiftyForward.org

Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers is a non-profit organization of more than 220 volunteers from Loudoun County who help elderly and disabled adults maintain independent living. Caregivers provide a wide range of services including transportation, grocery shopping, household chores and help managing personal finances.

Learn more: LVCaregivers.org