WholeHealth Living®

Decreasing physical pain and transforming healthcare through integrative health solutions.

WholeHealth Living®

Decreasing physical pain and transforming healthcare through Physical Medicine and integrative health solutions.

Live Life Well

WholeHealth Living is transforming the way we deliver healthcare to members managing muskuloskeletal conditions and pain. WholeHealth Living makes it easy to offer our integrative health solutions to decrease pain and support the health and well-being of your members. Our integrative health solutions support high quality care while decreasing healthcare costs.

With over 30 years of experience, we support health plans to develop a specialty benefit and pain management strategy through a consultative approach that includes benefit design, medical policy alignment, and competitive market-specific fee schedules.

WholeHealth Living offers three unique products:

Integrative Health Solutions
Our Integrative Health Solutions provides clients a customized specialty benefit that is developed through our consultative approach that includes benefit design, management of a credentialed network, and appropriate cost containment through medically necessary care.

Pain Care Solution
Our Pain Care Solution is a comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSK) pain solution that utilizes a medical care team, a network of integrative health practitioners, and a movement therapy program specifically designed to decrease pain.

Choices by WholeHealth Living
Our Choices by WholeHealth Living offers deep discounts on a nationwide network of credentialed integrative health practitioners and leading well-being solutions to support member health goals. Access discounts on Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and well-being products and services.

Trust WholeHealth Living to design a custom specialty benefit program that supports your pain management strategy with our integrative health solutions and SilverSneakers, and most importantly, get your members back to living a life they love. To learn more about WholeHealth Living and our suite of products visit our website or contact us directly at WHL@tivityhealth.com.

Our Mission

WholeHealth Living delivers cost-effective integrative health solutions, connecting members with qualified licensed practitioners, and educating the broader medical community on the importance of integrating nonpharmacologic options into patient care.

Our Vision

WholeHealth Living strives to decrease the physical pain of members nationwide and transform healthcare delivery by increasing awareness and accessibility of integrative health solutions.