SilverSneakers Pulse Survey


Executive Summary

The SilverSneakers Pulse survey is an ongoing national series of surveys of SilverSneakers members to understand their experiences regarding overall health, physical activity, nutrition, and social connection and will also mine for patterns in behavior both during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Since April 2020, Tivity Health has surveyed thousands of seniors in more than a dozen separate surveys.

Key Findings

Between November 10 -15, 2021, the SilverSneakers Pulse survey asked seniors about how the pandemic has impacted their mental and physical health. Key findings included:

Covid Impact

  • Members not experiencing disruption is at its highest level in seven quarters, 18%
  • More than a third are still disrupted by the inability to visit family and friends, 35%
  • More members, (60%) are experiencing at least some stress in the last two weeks compared to Quarter 3, (53%)


  • Most members report unchanged or improved physical activity levels recently, 80%
  • 61% participate in SSF digital fitness, and 85% will continue in parallel to gym use, the highest in seven quarters
  • Return to the gym sentiment is holding steady at just 19% saying no to returning, while 26% are uncertain
  • Biggest factor to return to the gym remains return to routine, 57%, followed by access to equipment, 53%


  • For the second straight Quarter, more members report improved eating habits, (30%) compared to members who report worse eating habits, (23%)
  • The proportion of members affected by food insecurity is consistent to earlier in 2021 but increases substantially among low-income seniors

SilverSneakers Pulse SurveySocial Connection

  • Consistent social isolation is at 2.5x pre-covid, 10% vs 4%, with low income reporting higher incidence at 24%
  • 55% feel comfortable socializing with friends/family in public places right now compared to 32% who feel uncomfortable.
  • 62% of members report using video/streaming for socially connecting with friends/family, while 51% report using video/streaming for exercise, the highest in six quarters

Personal Face Mask Use

  • Four out of five seniors follow CDC masking guidelines and agree that face masks reduce the transmission of COVID-19
  • Four in five seniors feel comfortable being indoors or outdoors with family members/close friends without a mask
  • Seven out of ten seniors will only go to a grocery store wearing a mask

COVID-19 Booster Shots

  • 93% report being fully vaccinated.
  • 91% of fully vaccinated seniors have already received or plan to receive a COVID-19 booster shot
  • 71% found information about the booster shot to be helpful

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