For more than 30 years, SilverSneakers has empowered and inspired seniors to live their best lives, offering wellness programming and opportunities designed specifically for them.

Accessible Member Experience - Tivity Health

Our commitment to being the nation’s leading fitness program for older adults hasn’t faltered in three decades, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t changed.

At SilverSneakers, we continuously evaluate members’ needs to ensure that we deliver an accessible, inclusive, and inspiring member experience.  We focus on whole person wellness, and we know that the “how,” “where,” and “when” members choose to engage is going to be different for every member.  Our program has evolved to deliver a best-in-class experience for every member, regardless of their age, fitness level or health state.

Always Accessible, Always Inclusive

The best member experience is one that meets the member where they’re most comfortable.  Whether that be in the gym, within their community, or in the privacy of their home, SilverSneakers is always accessible and always inclusive.  On average, every SilverSneakers member has a location less than 3 miles from their home.  With unlimited access to over 16,000 locations in network and proprietary classes and workshops designed specifically for an older, diverse adult population, it’s no wonder that the SilverSneakers experience is unparalleled.

Local, Community Based Experiences

At SilverSneakers, we’ve always recognized the importance of community to our physical and mental well-being, and it is especially critical for seniors following the isolation experienced during the pandemic.

The SilverSneakers experience embodies the whole person focus mindset by providing classes focused on physical activity, mental enrichment, and social connection.

Our community-based classes at locations such as senior centers, medical centers, and parks enable members to engage at familiar locations where they can also build social connections.

The Expansion of Virtual Experiences

While we launched SilverSneakers LIVE early in the pandemic, our virtual options for members are here to stay and have continuously expanded.  Today, we have a variety of live and on demand offerings and partner with Apple Fitness+ to expand our wellness offerings even further.  We supplement members’ experiences in the home with at-home exercise kits that best fit their preferences.  These enhancements to the SilverSneakers experience mean that we can now reach even more seniors and provide them with the tools and support on their journey to better health.  In fact, members now have access to over 30,000 virtual experiences a month in addition to our in-person locations, providing a truly hybrid wellness program.  In addition to fitness classes, we provide classes and resources on a range of topics including brain health, stress management, emotional well-being, meditation and nutrition.  With the momentum we’ve gained through our expansion of virtual and on-demand offerings, it’s an exciting time for SilverSneakers and its members!

Ensuring a positive member experience – whether in-person, virtual or a hybrid — is our top priority.  We will continue to refine and expand SilverSneakers to create an experience that uniquely supports each member through every step on their fitness and wellness journey.

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