That’s right! MILLIONS. At SilverSneakers, we have 18 million eligible members nationwide, and millions of those seniors are working to get healthier and stronger by participating in SilverSneakers.

Tivity Health - We Are Moving Millions!

Millions more engage with us through and our social media channels, including our Facebook page, with more than 1.1 million followers.

However, it’s important to note that we didn’t move millions overnight. For over thirty years, we’ve been developing and refining the SilverSneakers member journey with the goal of establishing a program that seniors will genuinely want to participate in and that will make a difference in their health and well-being.

We’ve found that seniors who enroll in SilverSneakers are 25% less likely to end their health plan membership, compared to those who do not enroll.

When considering SilverSneakers’ extraordinary engagement rates, it’s no wonder that SilverSneakers has thrived over three decades. The member journey that we’ve created is supported by four key pillars: Awareness, Activation, Enrollment and Retention. The journey begins with awareness and making SilverSneakers known among existing and new members, age-ins, and caregivers. Through sponsored content strategies and partnership utilization, we’ve been able to reach seniors in an intentional way.

Once seniors know about SilverSneakers, the next step is to activate them with proven messaging about the benefits of participation delivered through multiple channels. Lastly, in an effort to increase enrollment, we’ve been working towards scaling an AI driven engagement model to drive the first visit. SilverSneakers may be an established brand, but we’re constantly evolving to utilize the latest technology to reach our members. Our engagement platform is optimized to deliver relevant, personalized content to members.  These pillars of the journey lead to the incredible retention rates that we’ve experienced.

At Tivity Health®, we are striving to be an expert on healthy aging, and that starts with understanding the varied lifestyles, preferences and behaviors of the 65+ population. We are on a continuous journey to gain new insights to ensure that our products and solutions meet older adults where they are to maximize engagement and health improvement.

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