Senior Healthy Living Survey

by SilverSneakers

Executive Summary

The Senior Healthy Living Survey by SilverSneakers is conducted by global  intelligence company Morning Consult. The survey is fielded twice monthly among a national sample of adults 65 and older who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

The mission of the Senior Healthy Living Survey is to serve as a primary voice of seniors nationwide in the areas representing all aspects of our mission. Harnessing this voice with rigor, and a focus on future-state, to anticipate the needs of seniors tomorrow while driving the thought leadership and product development of today.

Each survey includes a fixed set of questions on healthy behaviors along with a dynamic set of questions that cover timely topics imperative to our myriad stakeholders

Key Findings

Senior Healthy Living Survey

  • After largely decreasing since the first wave of research, COVID-19’s impact on Seniors’ ability to visit family and friends has leveled out over the last four weeks.
  • Levels of stress, worrying, and anxiety see little fluctuation over recent weeks, with about 4-in-10 Seniors indicating that they have experienced some form of distress. Interestingly, concerns about the health of family or friends becomes the top source of general distress, jumping 26 points to 63% this wave.
  • 69% of Seniors plan to exercise in the next 3 months, and many (68%) of these Seniors say that activities to help build stamina, followed by having a friend to exercise with (26%), will help them get back into a physically active routine.
    • Among Seniors who would typically go to the gym, 1-in-5 are consistently uncertain if they’ll return even after it’s deemed safe to do so
  • Seniors with lower incomes are most likely to have experienced food insecurity in the last 30 days.
  • Half of all Seniors are less comfortable seeing people who have been vaccinated without taking precautions than they were before the Delta variant became the dominant strain.