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  1. Increasing exercise frequency is associated with health and quality-of-life benefits for older adults

    This 7-year study of nearly 50,000 people found that increasing SilverSneakers participation over time had significant positive benefits for 5 measures of physical and mental health that impact quality-of-life, including SF-12 scores and healthy days.

  1. Reducing Isolation and Loneliness Through Membership in a Fitness Program for Older Adults: Implications for Health

    A Tivity Health and MIT AgeLab study of over 3,000 seniors found that SilverSneakers has a significant impact on social isolation and loneliness that magnifies the program’s benefits for health.

  1. Healthcare cost savings over a one-year period for SilverSneakers group exercise participants

    SilverSneakers group exercise class attendees had $2,144 lower average healthcare costs than matched non-enrollees after only a single year in the program.

  1. Impact of a Senior Fitness Program on Measures of Physical and Emotional Health and Functioning

    This study evaluated the impact of the SilverSneakers program on health and activities of daily living and found that participation in SilverSneakers is associated with better physical and emotional health, higher functioning, and lower disability among seniors across many measures.

  1. Effectiveness of Health and Wellness Initiatives for Seniors

    A review of several studies evaluated the impact of various wellness programs for Medicare beneficiaries and found that seniors who actively participate in large-scale wellness programs like Silver Sneakers experienced improved quality of life and healthcare cost savings. Regular and sustained engagement were key factors to program success.

  1. Health Care Use and Costs Associated With Use of a Health Club Membership Benefit in Older Adults with Diabetes

    According to this study, Silver Sneakers participants with diabetes had fewer hospitalizations and lower average health care costs than the control group and experienced more savings with more frequent participation.

  1. Depression and Use of a Health Plan–Sponsored Physical Activity Program by Older Adults

    This study found that greater participation in Silver Sneakers is associated with lower future depression risk. Additionally, Medicare Advantage members with depression were as likely to join the SilverSneakers program as members without depression.

  1. Managed-Medicare Health Club Benefit and Reduced Health Care Costs Among Older Adults

    This study indicates that Silver Sneakers participants have slower growth in total health care costs compared to non-participants over 2 years, despite initially having higher healthcare costs. More frequent visits to SilverSneakers locations resulted in greater savings.