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Tivity Health - Live Healthy.Live Long.
Tivity Health - Live Healthy.Live Long.

Live Healthy.
Live Long.


Health is more than a state of being.
It’s a commitment to doing.

Taking meaningful steps toward a more vital future.
Creating opportunities to feel better, work better and live better.
Engaging people, partners and communities in a shared mission to
improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.
Empowering members at every age and stage of life to enjoy
greater physical activity, connectivity and productivity.

Doing it all with spirited creativity and a sense of positivity.
This is Tivity Health®.

  • SilverSneakers®


    Empowering active aging

    America’s leading community fitness program designed for older adults, SilverSneakers® promotes vital physical and social activity through 15,000 facilities nationwide.

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  • Prime® Fitness
    Our Products

    Prime® Fitness

    Supporting regular exercise

    Flexible, feature-rich Prime® Fitness memberships work across 10,000+ fitness facilities nationwide to increase members’ access and commitment to regular exercise.

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  • WholeHealth Living™
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    WholeHealth Living

    Managing specialty health benefits

    Our managed network of chiropractic, rehabilitative therapy, complementary and alternative medicine and other specialty health providers may deliver better outcomes and savings.

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  • flip50™
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    Fitness. Wellness. For Less.

    The flip50™ lifestyle program addresses the needs of the 50+ population by combining essential elements for sustaining health through Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest & Recovery.

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Rural Aging

A Movement to Transform Rural Aging

Each day more than 10,000 Americans turn 65. Watching this population grow at a staggering rate, Tivity Health launched a collaborative movement to elevate the national conversation on rural aging and provoke action among diverse stakeholders committed to improving the lives of aging adults who live in rural communities. This awareness campaign, alongside a newly formed Rural Aging Advisory Council, will develop a national policy agenda to promote collaboration, innovation, and action.

A compelling video, “Faces of Social Isolation & Rural Aging” was released during the 2018 Connectivity Summit highlighting the stories of real seniors and the potential ways to think about the impact of social isolation and loneliness on aging adults.

Health eVillages Community Outreach Program

Passion. Purpose. Partnership.

Our people truly care about yours.

We offer sought-after programs that are proven to work, solutions that meet members where they are while empowering them forward, and strong partnerships that put people first.