The purpose of the Healthy Aging Coalition is to serve as a coordinating and collaborative alliance.  Members draw upon the unique expertise of the full group – coming from multiple disciplines geographies and areas of expertise – the whole is greater than its parts.  The Coalition will focus its activities in educating and advocating in three primary concentrations:

    1. Build national awareness around the key challenges and issues that impact aging adults with a focus on those in rural, underserved and minority communities.
    2. Identify opportunities for stakeholders from multiple disciplines and sectors of society – including U.S. policymakers, religious groups, business, academia, research, industry and trade associations, non-profit groups and government — to advance equitable, evidence based and innovative solutions.
    3. Ensure communication, coordination, and collaboration by sharing best practices among all stakeholders.

Priority Issues for 2021

    1. Assure a trusted and credible educational effort to support the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations and utilization among older adults.
    2. Continue to advocate for solutions around social isolation and loneliness, especially as pandemic-enforced quarantines continue – recognizing the importance of social services and supports to rural, underserved and minority communities.
    3. Advocate recommendations around ways to demonstrate and enhance the significance of Social Determinants of Health, including food insecurity, community connection, transportation, and housing.
    4. Promote virtual solutions and related infrastructure improvements, to support the expansion of telehealth, independence at home and increased availability of broadband Internet access.
    5. Secure resources and partnerships for research and evidence-based outcomes.
    6. Secure access to healthcare and Medicare benefits for seniors in rural and underserved areas.
    7. Promote the importance of investing in healthy aging solutions by encouraging legislation and funding to support on wellness and prevention and by securing best practices to scale and replicate.