Posts by Dr. Justin Barclay

  1. What is the Value of Healthy Aging Programs for Older Americans?

    Maintaining good health and independence is essential to older adults’ overall health and well-being, and many Medicare Advantage (MA) plans offer both medical and non-medical benefits outside of those covered by traditional Medicare to help older adults achieve better health outcomes.

  2. Why Virtual Fitness Is a Must-Have For Member Engagement

    Virtual solutions are here to stay and the data it enables is vital. In the wake of COVID-19, when we found ourselves quickly adapting and pivoting, we, like many companies in the U.S. went completely virtual. Seemingly overnight, our entire SilverSneakers® brand was digital or live streaming so we could better meet our members' needs...
  3. Marketing Personalization at Scale for Medicare Advantage Members

    Identifying the perfectly matched message and solution, and at the right time, for each member is the key to effective engagement marketing.