Headshot - Evan Forman

Evan Forman, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology and is the founding Director of the Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science (the WELL Center) at Drexel University where he oversees tenure track and research faculty, staff, and postdoctoral fellows, as well as undergraduate, Masters students and Ph.D. students. Dr. Forman’s work focuses on designing, refining, implementing and evaluating innovative behavioral and technology-based treatments for obesity and related eating problems. Dr. Forman has authored more than 150 manuscripts and is the author of the Effective Weight Loss books (Clinician Guide and Client Workbook) for Oxford Press’s Treatments that Work series.


In addition, his research has been continuously supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for more than 10 years. Some of his recent projects include: Project Activate!, evaluating the independent and synergistic effects of specific weight control components; Mind Your Health, which evaluated a novel acceptance-based behavioral treatment (ABT) for obesity; Project Dash, which evaluated the effect of gamification and of computerized neurocognitive training aimed at helping individuals stay adherent to a healthy diet; OnTrack, a smartphone-based Just-in-Time Adaptive Intervention (JITAI) that uses machine learning to predict and prevent lapses from a weight control diet; and ReLearn, an investigation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach to optimizing intervention features for weight control.

Dr. Forman was a previous chair of the Committee of Science and Practice for APA Division 12 (Society for Clinical Psychology) and a recipient of the ABCT Mentorship Award.