COVID-19: A Message from Bob Greczyn, Interim CEO, Tivity Health

Bob Greczyn, Interim CEO, Tivity Health

Colleagues, Clients, Customers, Members and Partners,

As you know COVID-19 has been rapidly developing throughout the United States since the first case was reported on January 21, 2020. Hundreds of thousands of cases have now been diagnosed across the U.S. and the mortality rate is increasing daily. Everyday life has been disrupted in a way that few of us have seen in our lifetimes, and it is critical that every American and every business take action to flatten the contagion curve.

I have spent my career in healthcare, including being trained in public health, and in the daily assessment of risk in my role as CEO of a major health plan. My experience, along with the best medical advice available about COVID-19, gives me an acute sense of urgency to act swiftly to eliminate the spread of this disease and reduce its impact on people’s lives and on public health. Our top priority at Tivity Health is to protect the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, partners and members, and to support our clients and partners with the right plans, processes and actions.

Tivity Health has a COVID-19 task force of more than 40 colleagues representing critical functions within our organization. The task force has been meeting regularly for several weeks and now meets daily to ensure that we can continue to serve our clients, customers, members and partners, and to prioritize the health of our colleagues during this crisis.

As this national situation continues to develop, we’ll continue to respond. We believe our preparation and planning plan will help our members and customers continue to have access to our fitness, nutrition and social connection solutions. Improving the health and well-being of adults is what we do every day, and it has never been more important for our stakeholders than right now that we act in the best interests of their health and that we adhere to the best public health guidance available.

What is Tivity Health doing about COVID-19?

Tivity Health is an expert in older adult health, fitness and wellness, and we are acutely aware that older adults are in a high-risk group for developing acute respiratory symptoms from COVID-19. We are working closely with our health plans, fitness partners, YMCAs and members to ensure that we are sharing the latest health guidelines and that we’re supporting our partners in taking extra steps to protect our SilverSneakers members.

We are actively encouraging SilverSneakers members whose visits to their favorite facilities have been disrupted to use our SilverSneakers GO™ app, our SilverSneakers On-Demand™ online workouts, and our SilverSneakers Facebook community to stay connected. And we are encouraging our partner locations to follow the advice of local public health authorities to keep their communities safe. We are also supporting those partner locations who are delivering virtual content to members.

Research supports that when older adults exercise, they’re better able to maintain their immune systems, so we want to help our SilverSneakers members to stay as active as they can during this time. We’ve expanded our digital offerings for members, creating a network of local SilverSneakers Flex virtual classes so that members can attend classes by their own instructor, and we’ve also launched a Facebook Live workout series available for anyone to try.

We are also working closely with our suppliers and distributors to ensure that there is no disruption to the supply and home deliveries of Nutrisystem®, South Beach Diet® and Wisely Well™. Our new offering of Wisely Well supports senior health and nutrition and is home delivered. As of today, we have evaluated our supply chain and we are confident that we can continue delivering our nutrition products direct to homes despite this crisis.

Our colleagues are dedicated to our mission of empowering adults at every age and stage of life to enjoy greater physical activity, connectivity, and productivity. And to support them in this work and to protect their health and safety, we have sent most of our colleagues to work from home. By the end of this week, we expect all colleagues to be working from home. I am proud to say that the passion, urgency, and commitment from our colleagues during this time has been incredible. I feel confident that you have your own stories about your employees, neighbors, friends and family going above and beyond. In the worst of times, we often see the best in people and that has been the case here at Tivity Health.

We appreciate each of you and your unwavering commitment to improving the health of those you serve.

Stay well,