Delivering the power of individualized nutrition

DNA Body Blueprint is a simple, effective and secure at-home DNA test. With its groundbreaking use of technology, Body Blueprint uncovers secrets in the DNA, including how genes affect weight loss, why the metabolism works the way it does—and what to do about it. It’s the ultimate roadmap for an individual’s ongoing nutritional needs.

This genetic-based product uses a proprietary algorithm that’s supported by science and comprehensively developed to help weight loss and weight management.

With a simple swab of the cheek, users will:

  • Discover the right nutritional approach for them with an action plan that shows them how to maintain weight loss
  • Learn about body-specific eating behaviors and how the body processes food, vitamins and minerals
  • Get a personalized nutrition plan with meal planner and food recommendations based on their DNA

Two kit types provide a roadmap for everyone

DNA Body Blueprint is available in two forms: as a standalone kit and as a supplement to 4-week Nutrisystem plans, which is specifically designed to complement the Nutrisystem plan.